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Tech Innovation

Technology is the sword of Reclaim Construction, while innovation is the source of development:

For many years, due to professional techniques and special equipment, Reclaim Construction has solved numerous technical problems of seawall construction.

As the leading company upgrading seawall construction equipment, Reclaim Construction has moved the modernization of domestic seawall construction forward, and improved the standard of seawall construction industry in China.

Piling of Plastic Drain Plate

Invented by Reclaim Construction, this technology has been in the leading place in the world, and successfully solved the historical problem of soft-base treatment.

The spiral silt solidifying machine invented by Reclaim Construction

The spiral silt solidifying machine invented by Reclaim Construction is the only one of its kind in China. It filled in the gap within foreshore operation and silt solidifying, shortened the duration of reclaim development.

Method greatly improves the construction

This method greatly improves the construction efficiency of dams built from throwing stones on the sea, as well as the overall stability against sliding.

Environmental Technology of Detonating To Shove Silt To Dike

The initial detonation pressure can be effectively controlled, so that the pressure on bottom silt can be lowered. As a result, the shock distance caused by explosion can be restrained, making this technology more environmental.

EmbankingTechnology of Piston-Style Earth Shipment

This technology has solved the difficult problem of transporting silt soil from long distance.

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