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Cultural Explanation

Interpretation of Model:

Reclaim was born from the sea, accompanied by sea, and grew by sea. Therefore, the nature of sea has been deeply rooted into Reclaim, and guided Reclaim’s healthy and sustainable development. Hence, the sea culture is the origin of Reclaim’s enterprise culture, acting like a core and usher. The three cultures surrounding Reclaim have formed a closed cycle, which is Reclaim. It is a practice and behavior, and the execution and realization of sea culture.

The competitiveness culture value model of Reclaim is designed into a shape of helm, indicating the direction and safety of Reclaim’s large wheel will be under the grasp of helm (Reclaim’s enterprise culture). At the same time, it has a fine meaning of plain sailing and plough through. Based on Quinn model, the competitiveness culture value model has elaborated the status, relationship and function of one core, two dimensions, three cultures and four orientations during the construction of enterprise culture.

Focusing on the core “sea culture”, the model has classified the corporate culture indexes into two dimensions namely “internal-external” and “control-authorization”, forming four basic value modes. According to these two dimensions, the enterprise culture again is divided into four orientations: market performance (target), institutional norm (rule), team talents (support) and opening up and innovation (innovating).

Interpretation of Model:

Opening up and innovation mainly refers to ideology and culture, centering on enterprise mission, vision and values, which is the core and morality; institutional norm means human resource system, operations management process, performance appraisal system, personnel behavior norm, which is the standard; team talents comprise leading by example, concern for the employees, atmosphere creating, benchmarking drive, which is the method; market performance is mainly incentive system, examination and evaluation, target result, which is the implement; the development of enterprise culture follows a way of spiral escalation; innovation orientation—target orientation—rule orientation—support orientation—high level innovation orientation, in this way the enterprise culture can keep developing, propelling the management to a higher level.

The nature of corporate culture is the basic approach or cardinal principle of solving problems, the soul of the enterprise, and an important instrument to fulfill management tasks. Thus, the enterprise can optimize management by means of the function disposition of culture value model and balanced enterprise contradictions.

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